What's Glasscaller?

Welcome to Glasscaller! We are excited to be inviting you to try out our awesome new website. Since you probably aren’t familiar with us, we are a reverse phone number search platform. We allow users to share their thoughts about calls that they receive.

We are committed to brining you the best possible service that we can. Below are our some core principles that we stand for and features that we offer.


We know you value your privacy which is why privacy is our number one concern. You might not want the person who called you to know that you searched for their number. Or maybe they didn’t call you but instead you just forgot their name. Don’t worry, we have your back. Unlike other reverse phone number search websites, we don’t keep track of what people search for. We have no information to provide if someone comes knocking. That’s because we don’t keep logs. We also will never under any circumstance notify someone that their number has been searched. This would completely violate the trust of all of our users.


You might be thinking, “Why would I use glasscaller over X?” Just because website X says they have billions of rows of data doesn’t mean that they have what you are looking for. Glasscaller offers more than every phone book combined. It offers recent feedback and information from actual people. Knowing a phone call you missed was from a scammer will save you valuable time and energy. Unlike other websites, our servers don’t sit around gathering dust. Our service constantly analyzes a colossal amount of new information that is available on phone numbers every single day.


We won’t make you give us your credit card to look up phone numbers. It would completely breach our core principles. If we collected money from our users, we would have to keep track of what they were searching for. This would violate our number one priority which is privacy. Looking up phone numbers is completely free and will remain free for forever.


Perhaps you have a long list of numbers that you want more information about. We won’t stop you half way and ask you to create an account, verify your phone number, or send us some money. We don’t limit how many searches you can perform unless you are impacting our ability to serve other users.

Stop spam

Don’t get stuck dealing with scammers. Our community driven feedback system will keep you alert of potential scams and unwanted phone calls. If you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, don’t immediately answer it. Search for the number on glasscaller and see what other users have said about it.