Uber caves to users' demands to add tipping

As part of its “180 Days of Change,” Uber finally says it will be adding tipping directly to the app. This feature has been requested by drivers and passengers for many years now. However, not all users are happy about this new feature. Many enjoy the relaxed nature of Uber rides where the driver isn’t attempting to build a relationship with the passengers in hopes of a tip. Whether or not this new feature will change the customers experience is up to debate.

Uber plans on incrementally releasing the new feature to cities across the US. Right now, tipping is available in Seattle, Minneapolis, and Houston. In less than a month, Uber plans to “make tips available to all U.S. drivers.” Feel free to read more about what else Uber has planned. https://pages.et.uber.com/180-days/

I, for one, welcome the new changes Uber is bringing. It is great to see that the tech startup is listening to its users and attempting to fix problems and improve its service.