17 Phone Security Tips

At least one hundred million Americans use smartphones such as an iPhone or an Android, which suddenly stopped working, for some reasons. According to Consumer Reports, many smartphones users do not secure their phones. The user can take precautions to secure their phones, such as:

Update Alerts
These alerts are there for a reason, new information and security patches. Most people ignore warnings or wait long to activate them. You should always know the nature of the alerts, and the experienced user does not have automatic activation.

Remote Wipe
This security procedure should be built into your phone., such as setting up your iPhone’s iCloud or your Android device’s Google Sync. Your data can be remotely wiped if you lose your device. Further, your device should be set to wipe automatically after repeated password attempts. With a use of this security technique, this stops your device from being used maliciously.

Do not use your birthdate or any other personal information. The best passcode lock is your finger print for it is always possible for someone to sneak a peek at you password.

Encrypting Storage
Your device, most likely, will be able to encrypt the phone storage. Some devices encrypt by default without your knowledge, using built-in encryptions. Encryption protects such things as photos, e-mails, and your social networking accounts.

Download Offers
For security purpose, do not click on download offers which may hide and activate viruses.

Do not buy Apps from third-party sources. App stores are very security minded, such as AppStore for iOS devices or Google Play for Android, and can be trusted.

Anti-virus Software
Even though using this software protects against malware, and has been popularized, people still ignore this essential security protection.

Public Wi-Fi
There are no security patches for public Wi-Fi, and you take a significant risk turning on your computer at your favorite restaurant or coffee house. Further, you should delete WI-Fi networks from all your devices that are not your home or business WI-Fi networks.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
There are VPN services like IPVanish, CyberGhost VPN, GhostPath, and Hotspot Shield VPN. Also, the website privateinternetaccess.com has the same function as VPNs. Using VPNs will permit you access to the Internet without a real concern of breaching the security of your device.VPNs successfully encrypts cyberspace activity, by employing a scrambling technique. This scrambling makes it difficult for hackers to steal data.

WiFi and Bluetooth
Both should be turned off when they are not being used. Reducing your potential surface of attack can help keep you safe.

Secure Your IMEI or MEID Numbers
Do not give out your IMEI or MEID numbers. It has been shown that giving out these numbers to anyone that say they are representatives of telecommunications companies could lead to email scams from hackers. IMEI and MEID numbers are identifiers for your device which are device unique.

You should factory reset and clear your data before the device is sold or recycled. That way, an attack is unable to steal any data from your device.

If your device has the auto-lock feature, you should use. This feature prevents the device from staying open to be accessed by others.

No Sharing
Your device is yours with your password and private data. Don’t tell your friends you passcode. You wouldn’t want to give them access to your bank account.

Delete Text Messages
This method is universally neglected. It is not uncommon that a text message may have a social security number or other personal data.

To secure your data back it up. Backing up is the best security technique if your phone is lost or stolen. Backing up data is often free with new smart phones.

No Jailbreaking
Jailbreaking removes software restrictions and permits access (root) imposed by software manufacturers such as Apple. Jailbreaking allows downloading and installing applications or extensions not available through the app stores, which will result in weakening of your device’s security.