New iPhones Colors Released!

With the year already being halfway over, Apple is finally releasing a new update to their iPhone line. They won’t be unleashing a brand new model but are adding addition color choices. Instead of being limited to white, space gray, and rose gold, you will soon be able to purchase the latest model of iPhones in blue, orange, gray, and red. (Yes the RED iPhones are back, but this time they don’t cost anything extra.)

But does Apple actually expect these color choices to increase sales? Well, probably not. As it stands, you can purchase a $5 phone case to change the color of your phone. This product update is most likely a marketing move to get people talking. (And it worked.) Apple is still going to sell most of its phones in white and black, but more selection of colors is never a bad thing. The internals are all the same, it’s just the naked look that changed.

So when you pick up your brand new colored iPhone, should you leave it without a case so you can show off you expensive purchase? Well, unless you want to be left with an expensive repair bill, leaving you phone without a case doesn’t make sense. A single accidental drop is enough to shatter the screen (even with the new sapphire glass screens.) It is definitely in your interest to wrap your phone and protect your goods.

Another thing to consider is how other flagship smartphone companies will react. Are we going to see Google release its Pixel line in green and orange? We can’t be certain, but unless they have already been planning new colors, it would take a while to get them available to consumers. Changes in production aren’t cheap. (Especially if they are unannounced and factories don’t have time to plan.) However, on their next model, we could see a wider variety of colors available for purchase.

In any case, Apple continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation in the smart phone market place. They never cease to slow the progression and fall behind their competitors. I wonder what we will be seeing next.