Google Pixel 3: The Notch, Wireless Charging, Single Rear Camera

As the release day draws near, the hype surrounding Google’s flagship phone can been seen building across the cell phone universe. With more information leaked every day and rumors spreading like wildfire, it can be hard to separate the facts from the fake news.

One questionable leak is these supposed pictures of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. We won’t know if they are authentic until a Google employee confirms them, or the phone is released, but they do look like what Google has described.

The Notch. That’s right, just like the iPhone X, the Pixel 3 has a notch. And it’s even bigger. 🤮
When faced with the question, “do we shrink the screen or include a one of those ugly notches?”, phone manufactures haven been following Apple’s lead and including the notch. It’s disgusting but it’s functional and gives software developers some extra screen real estate to play with. Hopefully in the future, electronics will get even more advanced and the need for that black rectangle will disappear.

But that’s not all. The pictures also show that the Pixel 3 has a single rear camera. That means there isn’t any depth sensing for those beautiful low depth of field portraits. There also won’t be any support for augmented reality. It’s an interesting choice from Google given that both Samsung and Apple include dual rear cameras in their latest flagships.

Another thing to consider is the rumored docking station for the Pixel 3. Google teased “Your Assistant can use your personal info to make suggestions, answer questions, and take actions for you when your phone is locked and on your Pixel Stand.” Sadly, we don’t know much of anything about the aforementioned Pixel Stand. But, it is safe to assume that it will have the features that come with all docking stations.

The back of the phone is a thin sheet of glass. The sides look sleek and sexy. And all around, it still has that signature Google split matte/glass finish. The glass back also hints at the return of wireless charging, as it is much friendlier to the charging technology. Google dropped wireless charging in 2016 with the Nexus 6 with the introduction of USB Type-C fast charging. Perhaps the Pixel Stand will serve as a wireless charging station.

The leaker of these images posted them on the beloved XDA forums. Where hundreds of people discussed them if you want to learn more.